The Acadiant Platform
Acadiant Platform

Scale Out to Web Scale

Elastic and Efficient

Seamless Scale out to Web Scale with Acadiant

Our servers and clients are designed to deliver multi-tenant, highly scalable solutions by default. Whether extensive web-scale operation or a single customer scenario, we adapt effortlessly.

Scale Down to a Single Customer

Even a small platform cluster is cost-effective and conformant, whether in the cloud or on premise, ensuring efficient resource use without compromising on performance.

Server Processes Optimized for Concurrency

All our server-side processes, built in Go, leverage lightweight goroutines to harness the power of available CPU cores fully. The server-side message bus simplifies scaling out: you just add VMs or containers.

Universal Client: Optimized for High Concurrency

Our universal client code utilizes multiple web workers to exploit the capabilities of modern multi-core client devices. The on-device data cache, network manager, and graphics supervisor work concurrently to ensure a smooth user experience. By shifting much of the processing to the client side, we ensure that processing power scales upward with each added client.

Scale effortlessly with Acadiant, from single customer operations to expansive web-scale applications. We’ve got you covered.