The Acadiant Platform
Acadiant Platform

On Premise

Built for On Premise Deployment

Efficient, Compliant, One-Command Deployment Process

Acadiant is built for on-premise deployment. A deployment is driven by a manifest, which contains detailed information about servers, network addresses, solutions, and configurations. Initiating a virtual machine (VM) deployment is as simple as a single command on the server. For Kubernetes deployments, we utilize typical helm files. The Acadiant platform integrates seamlessly with firewalls, reverse proxies, and load balancers.

Comprehensive System Telemetry

We provide comprehensive telemetry respects the sensitivity of your data. Our system keeps a close eye on your infrastructure, and we can integrate platform telemetry with your existing monitoring solutions for a unified view of your systems' health.

Updates Anytime, NoDowntime

With the Acadiant platform, you can roll out updates anytime without causing disruption, downtime or loss of availability. We designed the platform and its solutions with a commitment to 100% uptime. Configuration changes, new functions, and system enhancements, are deployed completely under your control with no interference from app stores or other gatekeepers.

High-Level System Architecture

The Acadiant platform provides system services orchestrated across an Enterprise Message Bus. The purple boxes in the diagram below indicate Acadiant services. Those services are organized in a way that allows for easy deployment and access from an enterprise network or the Internet, ensuring optimal security and effortless integrations. The services run in either virtual machines or Kubernetes containers.

Typical On Premise Architecture
Typical On Premise Architecture