The Acadiant Platform
Acadiant Platform

For Enterprises

Native to the Enterprise

Conformant and Compliant

The Acadiant platform is purpose-built with compliance in mind. With a streamlined, one-command deployment process, the platform can be swiftly set up on the customer’s premises or in the cloud within ten minutes. An Acadiant platform deployment aligns with the customer’s standards, including operating system, architecture, authentication and authorization protocols, monitoring standards, and integration protocols. Furthermore, our platform adheres to the customer’s policies for security, operational integration, and oversight.

Smart and Efficient

We provide telemetry that respects sensitive data, enabling comprehensive system monitoring while maintaining data security. Designed with zero downtime, our platform eliminates the need for maintenance windows. By focusing on business logic and delivering zero-downtime updates, we facilitate iterative and agile development. The standard platform removes the risk of “technology bugs” from the development cycle, as the underlying technology has already been debugged and integrated.

Secure and Future-Proof

The Acadiant platform seamlessly integrates with firewalls, reverse proxies, and load balancers to ensure optimal security. With complete control over the distribution of Acadiant solutions, including updates, customers can avoid dealing with app store approvals. Your data always belongs to you, and it is readily available for download in various formats.

Our platform-based approach empowers us to deliver highly customized and targeted solutions quickly and cost-effectively. This is particularly valuable where off-the-shelf alternatives fall short or traditional development is too risky and expensive.

Once the Acadiant platform is deployed, multiple Acadiant solutions can run on the same platform instance, using the same resources. Universal device support means easy availability now and in the future: the “mobile version” is available at the same time as the “desktop version.”

Flexible Full-Stack or Front-End Options

Acadiant offers comprehensive full-stack solutions as well as User eXperience (UX) solutions. If a customer has effective data stores or analytical engines that are not easy to use, our UX solutions can enhance the overall experience.