The Acadiant Platform
Acadiant Platform

Runs Everywhere

Acadiant Delivers Where You Are

Any Client, Any Server

Acadiant’s versatile client software runs seamlessly on any iOS or Android smartphone or tablet, or any desktop equipped with a modern browser. With Acadiant, you can conveniently save the solution as an app on your home screen, your dock, or your task bar.

Acadiant’s server-side services are compatible with any Linux or Windows VM, with both ARM and Intel architectures, or in containers within a Kubernetes cluster.

Use what you have now; future-proof solutions

Every Acadiant solution is both a desktop app and a mobile app, designed to exploit the capabilities of each platform optimally. If you’re currently desktop-only but plan to support tablets later, you’re already prepared with Acadiant.

If your current operations are on your own servers and you’re considering a migration to a public or private cloud, or vice versa, Acadiant eases the transition. We can redistribute our services to make that transition simple; just update the system manifests accordingly.