The Acadiant Platform
Acadiant Platform

Leave Programming Behind

Focus on Business Logic

Embrace Configuration, Not Coding

With Acadiant, there’s no need to write HTML or JavaScript or work with frameworks. We’ve encapsulated and eliminated technical bugs, making the whole process compile-free. The user experience is tailored to the capabilities of the client device: desktop, laptop, tablet, or smart phone, all through configuration files.

Focus on Your Solution, Not Bugs

Our Acadiant client run-time virtual machine is pre-tested, so your focus can remain on delivering the solution, not fixing JavaScript bugs.

Power Your Solutions with Business Logic

Acadiant takes care of the technology layer for you with our solution abstractions. Your focus can stay where it matters most - on data, analysis, and flow.

Revolutionary Client-Side Technology

At the core of our operations is our unique JavaScript runtime Virtual Machine (VM). A replica of this VM runs on every user’s device, globally. Whenever we offer a new function or improvement for a single customer, all our customers benefit. The VM runs on any smart device and delivers native performance and interaction.

What sets our VM apart?

Reliable Server-side Technology

The server side of our Acadiant platform is meticulously refined to ensure it’s a performant, easily maintained, Enterprise-class offering. Whether you prefer a cloud or on-premise instance, our platform seamlessly integrates into any modern Enterprise environment.

What makes our server-side technology stand out?

With Acadiant, you leave the programming behind and bring your business logic to the fore.